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5 Free Things to Do In Bali That Is Your Vacation More Economical

Ubud Traditional Art Market
Photo by @fivisiahaan

Who doesn’t like cheap holidays? You can save on vacation budgets, compile a list of free choice attractions. Bali is known as one of the affordable vacation spots for foreign tourists. But traveling to tourist attractions in Bali might spend a vacation budget. You can get around cheap travel by reading our summary of the best free things.┬áDefinitely interested in experiencing this vacation? Relax, prepare your travel schedule now and book tourist tickets in Wandernesia. We provide holiday comfort at the best prices.

Get Vitamin Sea and Shop in One Place

Bali has major advantages in its beach collections such as Kuta, Tuban, Nusa Dua, and Sanur. Most people like the beach for relaxing walks, sunsets and water sports. Not infrequently there are also cliff-fenced beaches that need more effort to reach. But if you want a combination of beaches and modern shopping centers, Kuta can be an alternative destination. You can access both places freely, playing all day in soft sand or just window shopping.

Fight the Waves in a Fun Way

When you are in Bali, one thing you must do is surf as you wish. Bali has many surfing spots for beginners to pros. There are many tourists from all over the world visiting the beach with their own boards. Want to be more relaxed? Try to explore the beauty of the underwater reef of Bali by Bali Snorkeling Amed Tour.

Climbing Sacred Mountains in Mount Lempuyang

This activity is suitable for you who are adventurous. There are many mountains in Bali free to climb including Mount Agung. For you, beginners can climb with minimal risk. Choose lower mountains such as Mount Lempuyang in Karangasem. This mountain offers a view of lush forests, hordes of gray apes and a hidden temple are at its peak.

Take an Afternoon Walk at Campuhan Ridge

Campuhan ridge is known as one of the best places in Ubud that is free to access. You can experience nature travel with footpaths and be spoiled by a stretch of green valleys in the highlands. Another bonus that you can have is to be able to breathe fresh and cool air. Moreover, Jogging or trekking in Campuhan ridge as far as nine kilometers can reduce calories.

Shop Unique Items at the Art Market in Bali

Visiting the art market is a great opportunity to enjoy. Find a variety of beautiful, antique and handicraft items among stalls around the market. If you are not satisfied just by shopping? Then visit the artistic villages of Bali and get acquainted with the community of craftsmen. Enjoy holidays in Bali without the need to spend rupiah or dollars by visiting 5 free things to do in Bali.